The Edge of the Rebellion

Frozen in Terror

The galactic Empire has finally lived up to the horrors of home. A coded message received via my new droid Chex sent Ossis and I to the ice planet Hoth while our fellows undertook other obligations. In hindsight, the extra help might have been good to have.

The plan to sneak me in as a prisoner with Ossis serving as my jailer quickly came apart as the secret prison was under a crisis from inside. Imperial prison security forces fought us tough in the hangar until horrors from within drew in the remaining guards. R4-W9 did his best to get us past the hard obstacles but, we chose to brave the cold to circumvent the troubles in the prison.


I think Ossis might have prefererred warm dangers to the stinging cold and family of mighty Wampas that happened on the tunnels and us. Their powerful claws dug through my armor but, we were able to conquer their fury with the help of a lot of stimpacks. R4-W9 allowed back into a back door and far warmer environs. Easily overheated with a chaotic scene beyond any I have experience, even on Dath’.

Twisted beasts mutated or animated by experiments on the prisoners roamed the halls. The simpler ones could be fought but their numbers weere overwhaelming and sent us fleeing away and toward our goal in the med bays. We composed ourselves in the serenity, peace and haven of the medical department before entering the labs where the worse was to face us.

Ossis helped sort out what we needed as we fought of the more exotic monsters the prison had created, while alarms and destruction measures began to activate. Horrible wounding attacks surrounded us, reminding me of the grisliest fights in the rancor pits and the wampa fight a little earlier in the day. Mutated doctors and guards who had fallen to their own mistakes worked to destroy us before fortune provided us an escape to our hangar on the surface.

We seem to have accomplished our goal but, the technology we have secured truly concerns me as I have learned how depraved the Empire can be with it’s enemies and captives. The Nightsisters would at least value those they dominate.

A new respect for stormtroopers

As we collect the last of the freed Wookiees and our wounded selves, I think back to how I was taught by those around me growing up in the village to look down on the white-clad Stormtroopers we’d see at the outposts. I suppose the fist of the law is always sneered at by some but, I had no clue how hard the concentrated fire from their common carbines could sting. My armor held together but, so many burns lie beneath it’s cratered surface, I no doubt look at days in the bacta tank yet again.

First there was the trap or trial or whatever that confusing mess that my ties to Tombstone led me into. I am still unclear whether i am indebted to a friend or foe. We thought we had talked our way in, only to realize we had taken someone’s bait. I doubt I will last long fighting so many troopers in starship hallways but, somehow we made our way out by hair of "Ossiss"’s skill. Striking down one imperial hardly stops his friends from riddling me and mine with blaster fire.

We escaped narrowly but, Tali learned of those I could help free of my former life in captivity. Are we bait, disposable heroes, just an offering or perhaps put to a high level challenge of our grit and ideals? Why our crews follow along with what I have been drawn into is a mystery and a blessing. It may not be the easy or safe path but, plowing headlong into risk and those in need seems to favor us.

A new and untraced ship that better suits escape brought us to Kessel with the help of R4-W9 guidance. We were again confident we were the predator ready to pounce approaching the off-loading captives at just the right time. Again the rain of imperial blasters against my armor and friends. The trap again sprung around us as Tycho’s ship broke the horizon. Our ship buzzing about swatting away TIE-fighter flies as our wounds piled up. I was too bold, leaving behind my mighty axe. Small blades quickly biting through white armor as things grew more and more dire. Good thing Asauka suggested we buy stimpacs, they turned the tide and allowed me to sustain and begin to help us regather ourselves for a final push.

How many moons does Bespin have?
Bespin has no moon, now go to sleep.

Receiving a message from associates of Shorajji , a clandestine meeting is arranged in a park that looks to be the perfect place for just such a meeting. Following a brief conversation, Shorajji informs the group that we have a lead on a ship carrying some valuable cargo form the plant of Kashyyk

Thanks to Tali’s triumphant slicing skills, we learned that we were headed to attempt to hijack an Imperial cargo freighter likely transporting slaves. Given the short distance to the expect interception point, the group immediately set out to the spaceport that would be the most likely refueling spot for the ship hoping to catch them docked and unprepared.

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Shadows of a Black Sun

The team is hired by Thakba the Hutt to track down some information that is being held in a Black Sun facility. This simple mission goes south when Tally trips an alarm in the computer system, and there is a chase, involving a blasted taxi-driver droid and swoops slamming into skyscrapers. Luckily, the information is retrieved and, with the help of a Besalisk named Chopper, decrypted. The files give details on a Nikto bounty hunter named Kaa’to Leeachos, who worked for Thakba before incurring some gambling debts and double-crossing Thakba to sell stolen glitterstim to Black Sun. Thakba asks the team to track down the shifty Nikto and so Thakba can teach him a lesson. The only starting point they have is a local bar-slash-death stick market called The Umbra Club. Asouk knows of a spice merchant who hangs out there, also, who might know more about Kaa’to.

On the way to the bar, Asouk spots a suspicious-looking delivery van that stops at The Umbra Club at the same time as the party. Ever careful, the party investigates the delivery company and determines that a package has been scheduled to be delivered to Shorajji at The Umbra Club at the time they were going to arrive. The package has been sent by someone named Tombstone.

Eventually deciding the enter the bar, the heroes retrieve the delivery for Shorajji and talk to Speng, learning that Kaa’to also spends time at a sabacc-den called The Spyder. Unfortunately, some of Kaa’to’s thugs burst in at that point, putting an end to Speng and starting a dust-up. The encounter ends with the thugs down and The Umbra Club in need of a significant insurance settlement.

Shorajji inspects the package and discovers a hologram-projector that holds a message from someone named Tombstone, asking Shorajji to look into a smuggling operation fronted by Zelcomm Industries, which happens to be frequented by Kaa’to. Shorajji is asked to steal some of the smuggled weapons from Zelcomm and bring to a specific location.

The party continues to the Spyder and, after talking to Mr. Fenn, the bothan proprietor, manage to learn about the Nikto’s debts, but not much more.

Eventually, the party heads to Zelcomm Tower, where Tally remembers the layouts of the tower that she found in the Black Sun files and the ventilation shafts that were spelled out in them. After some shimmying and squeezing, everyone makes it into the basement sublevel 1A of Zelcomm Tower where there is, in fact, some weapon smuggling going on. The party fails to sneak in, alerting the guards and prompting a firefight. Eventually, the party successfully captures the blaster rifles and grenades that were being packed up. In the process of avoiding the imminent reinforcements, Tally is able to learn that Kaa’to has another shipment scheduled from Zelcomm, and an address is given, an ancient kelerium processing plant in a blighted area of the city called The Works.

After dropping off the stolen weapons, the party heads to the kelerium plant and discovers that things are quiet. Posing as Zelcomm deliverymen, the party is able to get close to Kaa’to and get the drop on him. Though he is a wily and powerful foe, the party is successful in subduing the bounty hunter, though not before Tally was significantly wounded by a miniature thermal detonator. Eventually, Kaa’to is returned to Thakba the Hutt, and the party is paid for their services. In addition, Ossis was all too happy to confiscate Kaa’to’s Z-95 Headhunter, to be carried around in the party’s larger ship. Everyone ends up happy.

Debts to Pay

The crew headed out to Gavos after being joined by [Ray’s character], a gambler and scoundrel who seemed to know his way around the financial elements of this mission. (Hod was kept behind by Thakba the Hutt, for presumably insidious reasons.) Arriving at the distant planet, Ossis piloted the ship through the atmosphere’s turbulence and sandstorms to arrive at a relatively calm area manufactured by a serious of pressure-field generators. At the heart of the calm region lay the oridium mine that they had come to investigate.

Initially all seemed calm … too calm, in fact, as no one met them at the landing pad. Further investigation uncovered several dead miners, all killed by surprise blaster attacks, and a simple-minded chef droid, but no one to explain what was going on. Eventually, the party found a group of droids, led by a supervisor droid designated EV-8D3, which was working to barricade the entrance to the mine. The droids explained that pirates had struck the mine and were currently moving toward the last remaining group of miners who were deep within the planet’s crust. Hastening to the aid of the miners, the party members soon discovered from the frightened workmen that, in fact, the droids themselves were responsible for the killings and that they had begun to destroy the pressure-field generators. Once enough of the generators were destroyed, the planet’s atmospheric instability would wipe the mine off the surface and kill all the miners. Quickly, the heroes raced back to the mine, to find the droids strategically placed at the entrance and prepared to destroy all the living humanoids. A fierce battle ensued, in which [Ray’s character] wielded a lightsaber to great effect and it became clear that he was someone more significant than a simple outer rim gambler. Eventually, the offending droids were destroyed, and the mine was saved.

Though the remaining miners explained that the funds on-hand were desperately needed to resupply the mine in order to keep it operational, the team followed Thakba’s command to retrieve his 100,000 credits and also kept what was left as a personal reward. Should Thakba ever hear about this, he will likely be none-too-happy.

Bubble Bubble
Toil and trouble ...

Flying through the ancient space-slug tunnels that riddled the asteroid, the party first discovered Godon’s one-man fighter, abandoned and in need of repair. Deciding that stealth was called for more than brute assault, the heroes donned space suits and searched the remainder of the asteroid on foot, eventually finding Dobah’s hideout in a huge cave deep within the asteroid’s innards. There they discovered his YV-666, the Vagrant, supplying power to a pressure seal and lighting for the pirate crew. Although they attempted a stealthy approach, the team’s bulky spacesuits complicated the approach and the ship’s laser cannon erupted in a hail of laser-y death. The heroes split up, approaching the ship from all directions, confusing the pirate within and gaining access through the open cargo bay ramp.

A mighty battle ensued, with some of the team attempting to overpower the pirates entrenched in the cargo bay, while Grognox, the team’s ugnaught technician, snuck in through the ship dorsal airlock, only to be met by the pirate first mate. After a great deal of blood and tears, the heroes emerged triumphant and entered the bowels of the ship, in search of Dobah himself. Shortly, they discovered him holed up in the ship’s cockpit with his new ally Godon the Rodian bounty hunter. Although Hod tried to convince Godon that he was better off switching sides and abandoning his pirate ally, Godon was unconvinced. It turns out, though, that the dialogue was just a ruse, as Grognox had discovered a maintenance hatch that led below the floor into the cockpit behind the barricaded duo. Armed with several stun grenades, Tali, snuck behind the Aqualish and the Rodian and surprised them from behind. Of course, the two weren’t taken down as easily as that, and a final climactic battle unfolded. At the end of the day, the party of heroes was once again victorious.

Having earned the spoils of battle, a search was conducted, and the team decided to take this much larger ship for their own. The team also found several containers of glitterstim, a veritable fortune’s worth of the illegal drug. Deciding to avoid the Imperial bounty on Dobah’s head, the heroes took the pirate lord to Sleheyron and Thakba the Hutt. Godon and Zukata were sent off with a strong warning to consider a new occupation. Thakba happily paid the bounty for Dobah and threw his business rival to the gladiator pit attached to his palace, whence no one ever returns. Thakba also bought the spice from the heroes, for a very reasonable price and a promise of further work in a short time.

Indeed, Thakba soon made it clear that he had, in a card game, recently won a mining operation on the planet Gavos. Wanting to check out the condition of the mine and collect his first yearly cut of 100,000 credits, Thakba sent the party to examine the state of the mine and to bring back his money. After agreeing to the job, the party was then surprised to witness a savage battle between Gamorrean guards right there in Thakba’s throne room. It was never made clear what prompted the fight, even with the rather flimsy reference to Gamorrean mating season by Genko, Thakba’s major domo. At the end of the day, though, only the Gamorreans were involved and no one seemed permanently damaged.

Trouble Brewing
The adventure begins ...

The camera opens on a shot of a cloud-covered planet, serene in the distance with its background of stars. Suddenly, a small freighter zooms into view, followed by a pair of screaming TIE fighters in hot pursuit, blaster bolts bouncing off the freighter’s shields. The pilot, Ossis Neeth (or so he’s calling himself these days), jinks and rolls, desperately trying to evade the attacks. Eventually, after some telling hits, he is able to plot the course to a random sector and leaps to hyperspace, safe … for now.

Their destination is Formos, a forbidding world with few inhabitants. At the spaceport, the team of heroes manage to engage a young rodian woman, named Zukata, who is looking for her brother, a fledgling bounty hunter who may be in over his head. Named Godon, he was hunting a local aqualish pirate lord who went by the name of Bandin Dobah. Shortly after agreeing to help Zukata find her brother, one of our party, an elderly fellow named Hod, was accosted by a band of ruffians who, it turns out, work for this Dobah character. Hod wasted no time in humiliating the thugs’ leader, who returned to his local base to collect some backup and firepower in order to exact revenge. Little did the bandit know that he had been followed by the team’s resident slicer and stalker, Tali. She commed the location of the thugs’ hideout, and the ambushers became the ambushed. After a brief but bloody fight, led by Shorajji, a powerful and fearsome Dathomirian, the party was able to rescue a kidnapped astromech droid (R4-W9) who knew the location of Dobah’s hideout on an asteroid in a nearby system.

Hoping to find Zukata’s brother, deal out a little payback, and reap the hefty bounty on Dobah’s head, the party leapt to their starcraft and flew to the asteroid field in question. Unfortunately, the pirates had been alerted to the approach of the heroes and had a sentinel droid and a pilot in a modified fighter on standby. During the ensuing battle, the pirates were defeated, but not without significant damage to the heroes’ ship, which was just barely able to continue its limping final leg to the asteroid base.


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