Escaped the grim life of a slave to fight for freedom.


A kinder, gentler version of this.

A large fierce Dathomirian with Black and Grey markings. Armored and Equipped as the situation allows with an ever-present readiness to push forward against injustice.


With the help of a daring rebel, Shorajji was freed from slavery at the hands of Dathomir ‘s Nightsisters. Shorajji now aids the Rebellion in the shadows of the Empire’s reach helping others have the freedom he cherishes. His harsh upbringing in the Nightbrother village toughened his will and body. He now deals with a more advanced and broader world on simpler terms so Shorajji relies on trusted friends to navigate unfamiliar situations. Recent trials as fugitive have begun to highlight an internal affinity to the Force.


The Edge of the Rebellion LeeThomas