Ossis Neeth

Human Pilot, quick on the draw as well.




Cendar Merrin was your average freighter pilot eking out an existence in the outer rim. Life was tolerable until a job went bad. His partner at the time, Batten Atwoso, set him as the fall guy for a smuggling operation. Having arranged to smuggle stolen goods under the guise medical supplies, Batten had been sure to miss all of the meetings where a signature was required to claim responsibility for the cargo, leaving Cendar to handle those responsibilities.

When the cargo was inspected on Elrood, the imperial agents quickly discovered the large haul of stolen goods and set about to arrest the pilot and his crew. Of course Batten slipped off once he knew the cargo was to be inspected and Cendar was forced to take the fall.

Fortunately for Cendar, the imperial agents were distracted by a large freighter miscalculating their landing zone and crashing violently. In the chaos following the crash, Cendar was able to escape custody and blend into the crowd.

In the years since, he has has several close encounters with the Imperial authorities has he has plied his only known trade as a pilot for hire, never asking too many questions about the jobs he accepts. He has been operating under various false identities, the most recent of which is Ossis Neeth.

Ossis Neeth

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