The Edge of the Rebellion

Trouble Brewing

The adventure begins ...

The camera opens on a shot of a cloud-covered planet, serene in the distance with its background of stars. Suddenly, a small freighter zooms into view, followed by a pair of screaming TIE fighters in hot pursuit, blaster bolts bouncing off the freighter’s shields. The pilot, Ossis Neeth (or so he’s calling himself these days), jinks and rolls, desperately trying to evade the attacks. Eventually, after some telling hits, he is able to plot the course to a random sector and leaps to hyperspace, safe … for now.

Their destination is Formos, a forbidding world with few inhabitants. At the spaceport, the team of heroes manage to engage a young rodian woman, named Zukata, who is looking for her brother, a fledgling bounty hunter who may be in over his head. Named Godon, he was hunting a local aqualish pirate lord who went by the name of Bandin Dobah. Shortly after agreeing to help Zukata find her brother, one of our party, an elderly fellow named Hod, was accosted by a band of ruffians who, it turns out, work for this Dobah character. Hod wasted no time in humiliating the thugs’ leader, who returned to his local base to collect some backup and firepower in order to exact revenge. Little did the bandit know that he had been followed by the team’s resident slicer and stalker, Tali. She commed the location of the thugs’ hideout, and the ambushers became the ambushed. After a brief but bloody fight, led by Shorajji, a powerful and fearsome Dathomirian, the party was able to rescue a kidnapped astromech droid (R4-W9) who knew the location of Dobah’s hideout on an asteroid in a nearby system.

Hoping to find Zukata’s brother, deal out a little payback, and reap the hefty bounty on Dobah’s head, the party leapt to their starcraft and flew to the asteroid field in question. Unfortunately, the pirates had been alerted to the approach of the heroes and had a sentinel droid and a pilot in a modified fighter on standby. During the ensuing battle, the pirates were defeated, but not without significant damage to the heroes’ ship, which was just barely able to continue its limping final leg to the asteroid base.



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