The Edge of the Rebellion

Shadows of a Black Sun

The team is hired by Thakba the Hutt to track down some information that is being held in a Black Sun facility. This simple mission goes south when Tally trips an alarm in the computer system, and there is a chase, involving a blasted taxi-driver droid and swoops slamming into skyscrapers. Luckily, the information is retrieved and, with the help of a Besalisk named Chopper, decrypted. The files give details on a Nikto bounty hunter named Kaa’to Leeachos, who worked for Thakba before incurring some gambling debts and double-crossing Thakba to sell stolen glitterstim to Black Sun. Thakba asks the team to track down the shifty Nikto and so Thakba can teach him a lesson. The only starting point they have is a local bar-slash-death stick market called The Umbra Club. Asouk knows of a spice merchant who hangs out there, also, who might know more about Kaa’to.

On the way to the bar, Asouk spots a suspicious-looking delivery van that stops at The Umbra Club at the same time as the party. Ever careful, the party investigates the delivery company and determines that a package has been scheduled to be delivered to Shorajji at The Umbra Club at the time they were going to arrive. The package has been sent by someone named Tombstone.

Eventually deciding the enter the bar, the heroes retrieve the delivery for Shorajji and talk to Speng, learning that Kaa’to also spends time at a sabacc-den called The Spyder. Unfortunately, some of Kaa’to’s thugs burst in at that point, putting an end to Speng and starting a dust-up. The encounter ends with the thugs down and The Umbra Club in need of a significant insurance settlement.

Shorajji inspects the package and discovers a hologram-projector that holds a message from someone named Tombstone, asking Shorajji to look into a smuggling operation fronted by Zelcomm Industries, which happens to be frequented by Kaa’to. Shorajji is asked to steal some of the smuggled weapons from Zelcomm and bring to a specific location.

The party continues to the Spyder and, after talking to Mr. Fenn, the bothan proprietor, manage to learn about the Nikto’s debts, but not much more.

Eventually, the party heads to Zelcomm Tower, where Tally remembers the layouts of the tower that she found in the Black Sun files and the ventilation shafts that were spelled out in them. After some shimmying and squeezing, everyone makes it into the basement sublevel 1A of Zelcomm Tower where there is, in fact, some weapon smuggling going on. The party fails to sneak in, alerting the guards and prompting a firefight. Eventually, the party successfully captures the blaster rifles and grenades that were being packed up. In the process of avoiding the imminent reinforcements, Tally is able to learn that Kaa’to has another shipment scheduled from Zelcomm, and an address is given, an ancient kelerium processing plant in a blighted area of the city called The Works.

After dropping off the stolen weapons, the party heads to the kelerium plant and discovers that things are quiet. Posing as Zelcomm deliverymen, the party is able to get close to Kaa’to and get the drop on him. Though he is a wily and powerful foe, the party is successful in subduing the bounty hunter, though not before Tally was significantly wounded by a miniature thermal detonator. Eventually, Kaa’to is returned to Thakba the Hutt, and the party is paid for their services. In addition, Ossis was all too happy to confiscate Kaa’to’s Z-95 Headhunter, to be carried around in the party’s larger ship. Everyone ends up happy.



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