The Edge of the Rebellion

Frozen in Terror

The galactic Empire has finally lived up to the horrors of home. A coded message received via my new droid Chex sent Ossis and I to the ice planet Hoth while our fellows undertook other obligations. In hindsight, the extra help might have been good to have.

The plan to sneak me in as a prisoner with Ossis serving as my jailer quickly came apart as the secret prison was under a crisis from inside. Imperial prison security forces fought us tough in the hangar until horrors from within drew in the remaining guards. R4-W9 did his best to get us past the hard obstacles but, we chose to brave the cold to circumvent the troubles in the prison.


I think Ossis might have prefererred warm dangers to the stinging cold and family of mighty Wampas that happened on the tunnels and us. Their powerful claws dug through my armor but, we were able to conquer their fury with the help of a lot of stimpacks. R4-W9 allowed back into a back door and far warmer environs. Easily overheated with a chaotic scene beyond any I have experience, even on Dath’.

Twisted beasts mutated or animated by experiments on the prisoners roamed the halls. The simpler ones could be fought but their numbers weere overwhaelming and sent us fleeing away and toward our goal in the med bays. We composed ourselves in the serenity, peace and haven of the medical department before entering the labs where the worse was to face us.

Ossis helped sort out what we needed as we fought of the more exotic monsters the prison had created, while alarms and destruction measures began to activate. Horrible wounding attacks surrounded us, reminding me of the grisliest fights in the rancor pits and the wampa fight a little earlier in the day. Mutated doctors and guards who had fallen to their own mistakes worked to destroy us before fortune provided us an escape to our hangar on the surface.

We seem to have accomplished our goal but, the technology we have secured truly concerns me as I have learned how depraved the Empire can be with it’s enemies and captives. The Nightsisters would at least value those they dominate.



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