The Edge of the Rebellion

Debts to Pay

The crew headed out to Gavos after being joined by [Ray’s character], a gambler and scoundrel who seemed to know his way around the financial elements of this mission. (Hod was kept behind by Thakba the Hutt, for presumably insidious reasons.) Arriving at the distant planet, Ossis piloted the ship through the atmosphere’s turbulence and sandstorms to arrive at a relatively calm area manufactured by a serious of pressure-field generators. At the heart of the calm region lay the oridium mine that they had come to investigate.

Initially all seemed calm … too calm, in fact, as no one met them at the landing pad. Further investigation uncovered several dead miners, all killed by surprise blaster attacks, and a simple-minded chef droid, but no one to explain what was going on. Eventually, the party found a group of droids, led by a supervisor droid designated EV-8D3, which was working to barricade the entrance to the mine. The droids explained that pirates had struck the mine and were currently moving toward the last remaining group of miners who were deep within the planet’s crust. Hastening to the aid of the miners, the party members soon discovered from the frightened workmen that, in fact, the droids themselves were responsible for the killings and that they had begun to destroy the pressure-field generators. Once enough of the generators were destroyed, the planet’s atmospheric instability would wipe the mine off the surface and kill all the miners. Quickly, the heroes raced back to the mine, to find the droids strategically placed at the entrance and prepared to destroy all the living humanoids. A fierce battle ensued, in which [Ray’s character] wielded a lightsaber to great effect and it became clear that he was someone more significant than a simple outer rim gambler. Eventually, the offending droids were destroyed, and the mine was saved.

Though the remaining miners explained that the funds on-hand were desperately needed to resupply the mine in order to keep it operational, the team followed Thakba’s command to retrieve his 100,000 credits and also kept what was left as a personal reward. Should Thakba ever hear about this, he will likely be none-too-happy.



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