The Edge of the Rebellion

Bubble Bubble

Toil and trouble ...

Flying through the ancient space-slug tunnels that riddled the asteroid, the party first discovered Godon’s one-man fighter, abandoned and in need of repair. Deciding that stealth was called for more than brute assault, the heroes donned space suits and searched the remainder of the asteroid on foot, eventually finding Dobah’s hideout in a huge cave deep within the asteroid’s innards. There they discovered his YV-666, the Vagrant, supplying power to a pressure seal and lighting for the pirate crew. Although they attempted a stealthy approach, the team’s bulky spacesuits complicated the approach and the ship’s laser cannon erupted in a hail of laser-y death. The heroes split up, approaching the ship from all directions, confusing the pirate within and gaining access through the open cargo bay ramp.

A mighty battle ensued, with some of the team attempting to overpower the pirates entrenched in the cargo bay, while Grognox, the team’s ugnaught technician, snuck in through the ship dorsal airlock, only to be met by the pirate first mate. After a great deal of blood and tears, the heroes emerged triumphant and entered the bowels of the ship, in search of Dobah himself. Shortly, they discovered him holed up in the ship’s cockpit with his new ally Godon the Rodian bounty hunter. Although Hod tried to convince Godon that he was better off switching sides and abandoning his pirate ally, Godon was unconvinced. It turns out, though, that the dialogue was just a ruse, as Grognox had discovered a maintenance hatch that led below the floor into the cockpit behind the barricaded duo. Armed with several stun grenades, Tali, snuck behind the Aqualish and the Rodian and surprised them from behind. Of course, the two weren’t taken down as easily as that, and a final climactic battle unfolded. At the end of the day, the party of heroes was once again victorious.

Having earned the spoils of battle, a search was conducted, and the team decided to take this much larger ship for their own. The team also found several containers of glitterstim, a veritable fortune’s worth of the illegal drug. Deciding to avoid the Imperial bounty on Dobah’s head, the heroes took the pirate lord to Sleheyron and Thakba the Hutt. Godon and Zukata were sent off with a strong warning to consider a new occupation. Thakba happily paid the bounty for Dobah and threw his business rival to the gladiator pit attached to his palace, whence no one ever returns. Thakba also bought the spice from the heroes, for a very reasonable price and a promise of further work in a short time.

Indeed, Thakba soon made it clear that he had, in a card game, recently won a mining operation on the planet Gavos. Wanting to check out the condition of the mine and collect his first yearly cut of 100,000 credits, Thakba sent the party to examine the state of the mine and to bring back his money. After agreeing to the job, the party was then surprised to witness a savage battle between Gamorrean guards right there in Thakba’s throne room. It was never made clear what prompted the fight, even with the rather flimsy reference to Gamorrean mating season by Genko, Thakba’s major domo. At the end of the day, though, only the Gamorreans were involved and no one seemed permanently damaged.



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