The Edge of the Rebellion

A new respect for stormtroopers

As we collect the last of the freed Wookiees and our wounded selves, I think back to how I was taught by those around me growing up in the village to look down on the white-clad Stormtroopers we’d see at the outposts. I suppose the fist of the law is always sneered at by some but, I had no clue how hard the concentrated fire from their common carbines could sting. My armor held together but, so many burns lie beneath it’s cratered surface, I no doubt look at days in the bacta tank yet again.

First there was the trap or trial or whatever that confusing mess that my ties to Tombstone led me into. I am still unclear whether i am indebted to a friend or foe. We thought we had talked our way in, only to realize we had taken someone’s bait. I doubt I will last long fighting so many troopers in starship hallways but, somehow we made our way out by hair of "Ossiss"’s skill. Striking down one imperial hardly stops his friends from riddling me and mine with blaster fire.

We escaped narrowly but, Tali learned of those I could help free of my former life in captivity. Are we bait, disposable heroes, just an offering or perhaps put to a high level challenge of our grit and ideals? Why our crews follow along with what I have been drawn into is a mystery and a blessing. It may not be the easy or safe path but, plowing headlong into risk and those in need seems to favor us.

A new and untraced ship that better suits escape brought us to Kessel with the help of R4-W9 guidance. We were again confident we were the predator ready to pounce approaching the off-loading captives at just the right time. Again the rain of imperial blasters against my armor and friends. The trap again sprung around us as Tycho’s ship broke the horizon. Our ship buzzing about swatting away TIE-fighter flies as our wounds piled up. I was too bold, leaving behind my mighty axe. Small blades quickly biting through white armor as things grew more and more dire. Good thing Asauka suggested we buy stimpacs, they turned the tide and allowed me to sustain and begin to help us regather ourselves for a final push.


Great write up Lee!

A new respect for stormtroopers

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